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Chef Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Chef Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: The country Canada is one of the leading when it comes to securing high income job opportunities for locals and even international applicants. Chef Jobs in Canada is one of these job opportunities which can be found in major restaurants across the country.


Are you someone seeking to work in a restaurant as a chef in Canada living within or outside the country? You are just on the right page as we shall be looking at some of the troubling questions people ask in relation to pursuing career opportunities in Canadian restaurants on this page.

Also, it doesn’t really matter where you are reading this content from as we shall be dropping a list of chef job opportunities with visa sponsorship for applicants living outside Canada. See below for more details on Chef Jobs in Canada.

Details on Chef Jobs


The general chef job description in Canada is that your duties and responsibility as an employee of a restaurant/hotel as a chef will be limited to the kitchen department only.

Also, your role as a chef in any of Canada’s establishment is to make or prepare dishes which will be served to customers or workers depending type of organization you are working. As a chef employed in Canada to work, it’s a basic requirement to do everything within your capacity to ensure your employer’s business skyrocket.

See below for salary scale of chefs in Canada.


What is Chef Job Salary in Canada?

Chefs in Canada are being paid handsomely throughout the major provinces in the country. However, their payment depends on type of organization, work load, employment type and employer’s capacity towards workers payment.


Though, most establishments in Canada pay chefs a minimum of $18 per hour excluding other bonuses and performance appraisal.

Still interested in working as Chef in Canada with free visa sponsorship trip? See below for available vacancies you can apply for employment.

Available Chef Jobs in Canada (Some with Visa Sponsorship)

Conestoga College: Technologist, Chef

Salary: $38.76–$44.93 an hour

Job type: Full-time

Full Job Description

Requisition Details

Job Title: Technologist, Chef

Campus: Waterloo

Department: Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Vacancy Type: Support Staff – Full-time

Support Staff Replacement Position

This is a “less than 12 months” position with an expected annual layoff of two months (July – August)

(Full-time Support Staff will be given first consideration)

The Technologist, Chef, re-enforces skills and provides technical advice on the principles and theories of basic and advanced food preparation. The incumbent ensures that the required capital and non-capital supplies are on hand and that necessary equipment is maintained. The incumbent participates in the feedback of student performance.

Although many of our employees are currently working remotely, this position is governed by the applicable legislation of the Province of Ontario. Successful candidates will be required to conduct work within Ontario and must be available to work on campus as required.


  • Demonstrates and provides technical advice to students in food preparation programs
  • Assigns and rotates cooking tasks to students
  • Schedules (with faculty) cooking demonstrations and practice sessions
  • Implements dining policies and procedures
  • Provides orientation to kitchen and dining room
  • Supervises students during meal preparation, plating and clean-up
  • Maintains high standards in food handling practices, cleanliness and sanitation
  • Participates in the planning of menus to satisfy learning outcomes in the course outlines for Food/Advanced Preparation courses
  • Verifies that menus comply with agreed upon food cost percents
  • Assists with ordering of product and preparing mise en place
  • Contributes to curriculum development
  • Develops instructional plans for Food/Advanced Food Preparation courses
  • Evaluates student performance in the kitchen, testing student performance and demonstration of skills, documenting findings and consulting with faculty regarding students’ ability to meet established standards
  • Ensures that kitchen facility and equipment are maintained in good working condition, establishing a plan and maintaining a log for routine maintenance and working in cooperation with other college departments to provide a safe, clean food service environment
  • Maintains a productive working relationship with the Food and Beverage Management team and other departments with the College, promoting food public relations through external food industry contacts and participating in program promotional activities related to prospective students
  • Recognizes the need for continuous self-growth and development and establishes goals for annual development activities


  • Two-year Culinary Management Diploma required
  • Provincial Certificate of Qualification, Trade of Cook and/or Baking and Pastry Arts is required
  • Basic First Aid Certificate and Food Safety Certificate are required
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a wide range of culinary operations, including full-service restaurants and catering with a strong focus on baking and pastry arts is required
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently, be self-motivated, and assertive
  • High level organizational skills for planning activities in kitchen
  • Must demonstrate a sound knowledge of theoretical and practical skills and an understanding of the Hospitality Industry
  • Working knowledge of inventory/cost control computer application
  • High level of sanitation skills
  • Good understanding of function and maintenance of commercial equipment

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Conclusion: How to Secure a High Income Chef Job in Canada as an International Applicant/Local

Hello there, how did you find our content on Chef Job opportunities in Canada with free visa sponsorship for foreign applicants? We hope you enjoyed it as it’s fully packed. Just as promised above, we looked at details on Chef jobs in general to help you understand what the job is about, salary scale and lastly, list of available chef jobs in Canada to apply for employment.

We expect you take action by using the application links above to review posted job opportunities you are qualified for. Doing this is the only assurance you have in securing a high income Chef job in any of the finest Canadian restaurants.

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