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Contoh Personal Statement GKS/KGSP Undergraduate

Contoh Personal Statement KGSP Undergraduate: The importance of a personal statement cannot be overemphasis when it comes to applying for a GKS scholarship.


In fact, a personal statement is regarded as of the most important parts when it comes to applying for GKS/KGSP undergraduate scholarship. By showcasing their diverse motivations for applying for the scholarship program, applying students provide the selection committee with valuable insights that can inform a more nuanced and effective selection process.

I am certain you hold a great interest in the GKS/KGSP scholarship scheme hence why you are searching for contoh (example) of personal statement covers for GKS scholarship. We will walk you through all there is to know about personal statements with examples (contoh), as well as how to write a convincing statement to which will boost your chances of getting selected by the scholarship committee.

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a written document that provides a comprehensive overview of an individual’s background, experiences, achievements, goals, and interests. It is often used as part of the application process for educational programs, jobs, or other opportunities where individuals are required to present a concise and compelling account of themselves in this case scholarships.


In the context of academic applications, a personal statement may also be referred to as a statement of purpose or admissions essay. The primary purpose of a personal statement is to give the reader a deeper understanding of the applicant’s character, motivations, and suitability for the specific opportunity or position.

What is GKS/KGSP Scholarship?

The Global Korea Scholarship Program, commonly known as the GKS Scholarship, is an educational grant supported and overseen by the National Institute for International Education, a division of the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Korea. The program is designed to enable international students to pursue higher education in the Republic of Korea, offering opportunities for bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., and research programs to eligible candidates globally.

Additionally, this scholarship initiative allows students from around the world to pursue and complete undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in the Republic of Korea.


Why Need a Personal Statement for GKS/KGSP Scholarship

The primary idea behind every personal statement is to provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s background, experiences, achievements, goals, and interests. Below are some of the reasons why personal statements are importance for GKS/KGSP.

  • Individual Insight: A personal statement provides a deeper understanding of who the applicant is beyond their academic achievements and resume. It allows scholarship committees to gain insight into the applicant’s personality, values, and motivations.
  • Goal Clarification: It helps applicants articulate their academic and career goals, demonstrating a clear sense of purpose and direction. This information aids scholarship providers in selecting candidates whose aspirations align with the objectives of the scholarship.
  • Differentiation: Since many scholarship applicants may have similar academic records, a personal statement serves as a tool for applicants to differentiate themselves. It allows individuals to highlight unique experiences, skills, or qualities that make them stand out.
  • Communication Skills: Writing a personal statement demonstrates an applicant’s ability to express ideas coherently, persuasively, and concisely. This is an important skill in academia and many professional fields.
  • Fit with Scholarship Criteria: A well-crafted personal statement enables applicants to showcase how their background, experiences, and aspirations align with the specific criteria and goals of the scholarship program. This is crucial for demonstrating eligibility and suitability.

Is GKS/KGSP Scholarship Same?

Yes, they mean the same thing. The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a program by the South Korean government that gives students scholarships. Before, it was called KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program). This program lets students from anywhere in the world study in South Korea.


Now that you know about the GKS Scholarship and what a Personal Statement is, let’s see how you can write one for the GKS Scholarship.

Acceptance Requirement for GKS/KGSP Scholarship

To qualify for the Korean Government Scholarship, applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship: Candidates and their parents must possess non-Korean citizenship.
  • Age: For KGSP-G, applicants should be under 40 years old.
  • Health: Candidates must be in good physical and mental health to pursue their studies in Korea.
  • Degree Requirements: For KGSP-G, applicants should have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Grades: The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) must be 80% or higher. Alternatively, the CGPA must be 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, or 3.23/5.0 or higher.
  • Number of Scholarships: KGSP Graduate offers scholarships to approximately 700 grantees annually.

Guidelines for GKS/KGSP Scholarship Personal Statement Writing

Many of the students who want to apply for the GKS scholarship write their personal statements without following the proper guidelines. So, to make sure you do, we have provided the following guidelines for your GKS statement writing:

  • GKS/KGSP scholarship program personal statement can be written in either Korean or English language. It depends on you.
  • Make sure your GKS scholarship personal statement is of good length. It should not be more than two pages.
  • Make sure to discuss your achievements, skills, experiences, and the goals that you want to achieve during your study program.

Advice/Tips for GKS/KGSP Scholarship Personal Statement

Before you begin crafting your personal statement for the GKS/KGSP scholarship, ensure it adheres to the following:

  • Adhere to the guidelines set by the GKS scholarship for composing a personal statement.
  • Concentrate on key points essential for making your personal statement effective.
  • Ensure your personal statement is distinctive to set you apart from other scholarship applicants.
  • Avoid unnecessary stories, considering the limited space of two pages allotted for your personal statement.

How to Write GKS/KGSP Personal Statement for Undergraduate (Contoh)

To write the GKS/KGSP scholarship personal statement you must follow all the things that are mentioned in the GKS scholarship personal statement form. Then follow these steps to make sure that your personal statement for the GKS/KGSP scholarship is well-written:

Write about Your Motivation for The Program:

This is the first thing or points that your personal statement should include. You must explain your motivation and why you have chosen to apply for this scholarship program. Let them know your main motive behind choosing the scholarship program. Here are several things that you can include here to show your motivation for this program:


Which course program do you want to study under this scholarship program and why?

If you are applying for this program, then what is your purpose?

How would you contribute to the community if you are selected for this scholarship program?

How can you be a good candidate for this scholarship program?

Why are you motivated by this program?

Your Family Background and Education Background:

This is another point that you should discuss in your personal statement to make it good. Talk about your educational background and provide some information regarding your family background. Things you should focus on include:

  • Provide concise information regarding your academic record.
  • Discuss your academic achievements which you have achieved.
  • What course program you have studied previously?
  • Provide brief information about your family.

Any Experience You Have, Your Achievements, Person or Event Which Influence You:

To make your personal statement unique you must write about your achievements, experience, and person or event which influence you. These things will provide information related to how you deal with challenges and what you have achieved in your life so far. Discuss your experience which might be related to the work you have done or the things you have achieved in your life. You can also explain about any person or event which influences you in your life as well. These things, if discuss well can make your personal statement good. So, write about:

  • Any work experience you have.
  • Achievements you have.
  • Any person or event who influences you in your life.

Write About the Extracurricular Activities or Work Experience:

Your extracurricular activities or work experience can be a good thing written in your personal statement. This will make it unique from others. You can include:

  • The extracurricular activities you have performed.
  • The work experience you have.
  • Any activity you have performed for the community.
  • What you learned by doing the extracurricular activities.
  • What is the reason behind performing such extracurricular activities?

Write About Your Awards, Publications, Or Skills You Have:

If you have received awards, written some publications, or have some skills then you should discuss them as well in your personal statement to make it more unique from other candidates. So, write about:

  • What awards you have received?
  • How did you receive those awards?
  • What publications you have done?
  • Why have you written those publications?
  • What are the skills that you have?
  • How these skills can be good for you?

Contoh Personal Statement GKS/KGSP Undergraduate

Here are some PDF examples (Contoh) for GKS/KGSP scholarships you can refer to in order to enhance your application cover.

  • GKS/KGSP Example one (1)
  • GKS/KGSP Example two (2)
  • GKS/KGSP Example three (3)
  • GKS/KGSP Example four (4)
  • GKS/KGSP Example five (50

Conclusion: Complete Guide on How to Write a Personal Statement for Undergraduates with Examples (Contoh)

Surely, you have learned a lot today on how to write a professional and high converting personal statement which can be used for GKS/KGSP scholarship application for applications for other international scholarship programs for undergrads.

This content is niched down to discuss all the nitty-gritties there is to know about writing a personal statement cover for undergraduates. We also went far as unveiling some done-for-you template you can refer to in order to better your copy. We hope you take advantage of this free information and begin your application process.

Let us know in the comment section if you need further clarification on the topic “contoh undergraduate GSK/KGSP personal statement”. You can as well reach out to us to craft a standard one for you anytime by using our contact form.

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