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Fruit Picking Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Fruit Picking Jobs in USA for foreigners with visa sponsorship (apply now).


A good example of unskilled job opportunity available in USA for foreign applicants from countries in Asia, Africa, South America etc is in the agricultural sector.

There are good numbers of employment opportunities in USA for international applicants who are interested in working in the farm yard as fruit pickers. These kind of job is usually referred to as seasonal jobs and it’s usually a mass recruitment exercise when the need arises.

Fruit picking jobs in USA are usually high in demand in the winter season as many employers are ready to start harvesting what they have planted. An interesting fact about fruit picking jobs in USA is that some employers are willing to sponsor your trip to USA so you can work in their yard. We will be guiding you on all you need to know related to securing a high income fruit picking job in USA as a foreign job seeker.


Before then, it is important to know what exactly is expected of you as an employee in the fruit picking industry. Below, you will find the complete job description and application requirements for fruit picking jobs in USA.

Job Description: Fruit Picking Jobs

The duties of a fruit and vegetable picker include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying, picking, and sorting fruits according to size, type, and ripeness.
  • Checking fruits of different sizes and types and removing rotting and over-ripened fruits.
  • Measuring and packing high quality fruits and vegetables into boxes and loading those boxes in trucks.
  • Receiving, counting, labeling and storing inventory of items, as required.
  • Operating and maintaining various equipments for harvesting fruits and vegetables and other related tasks.
  • Cleaning and tidying job site and maintaining a safe workplace.

Alternate Job Titles

  • fruit picker
  • fruit and vegetable harvester
  • fruit & vegetable picker
  • berry picker
  • vegetable picker
  • fruit and veg harvester
  • farm hands
  • fruit and veg picker
  • crop harvester
  • crop picker
  • fruit and vegetable pickers

Application Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

Farmer job description should include these common skills and qualifications:


  • Good communication skills.
  • Must be physically fit.
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination.
  • Knowledge of farming best practices.
  • Able to work long hours on location.

Fruit Picking Employee Salary in USA

The average salary earned by fruit/vegetable picking employees working in a farm land in USA is $1,000 monthly. This amount may be higher or lower depending on considered factors during the course of employment.

Unlike other types of unskilled job opportunities abroad, workers employed as fruit/vegetable pickers are being paid per hour or by quantity of fruit picked. This factor is also usually negotiated and agreed by both parties involved in the contract of employment. A lot of fruit picking jobs in USA offers additional compensation to workers such as bonuses, houses as well as meals.


How to Find High Paying Fruit Picking Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are several ways to find high paying agricultural or fruit picking jobs in USA with visa sponsorship as a foreign applicant. Below, you will find some of the common ways of securing high paying fruit picking jobs in USA.

  • Have someone in USA seek for fruit picking job on your behave: As a foreigner whose relative or friend is residing in USA, you can ask them to reach out to local farms and orchards on your behave regarding visa sponsorship fruit picking job.
  • Check for Abroad Employment Agencies: There are good numbers of abroad employment agencies spread across the 7 continents of the planet. Reaching out to the one with good reputation and traceable record is no doubt a great step.
  • Search for Job Posting Board: Hundreds of international recruitment job posting board is yet another great choice for international applicants seeking for visa sponsorship fruit picking jobs in USA. Search through their web pages to locate latest jobs in the said category/field.

These three mediums will sure take you far if you leverage on either of them this year. Don’t forget you can as well reach out to us for consultation via our contact page.

Below, you will find a list of top available fruit picking jobs in USA with visa sponsorship.

Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picking Jobs in USA (Apply Now)

  • Apple picking in Washington state
  • Grape harvesting in California
  • Strawberry picking in Florida
  • Cherry picking in Michigan
  • Apricot picking in Utah
  • Peach picking in Georgia
  • Blackberry picking in Oregon
  • Plum picking in Colorado
  • Blueberry picking in Maine
  • Raspberry picking in Vermont

How to Apply

To successfully apply for high income fruit/vegetable picking job in USA with visa sponsorship as a foreign applicant, all you need to do is use the application link below.

On the landing page, there will be a display of hundreds of available fruit picking jobs for foreigners in USA on your screen. Navigate through these jobs and apply for ones you are best fit for.

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Conclusion: High Paying Fruit Picking Jobs in USA for foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Fruit picking jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship is indeed a top notched opportunity for international applicants to secure high paying employment in USA.

We hope you found this content worth a while as we talked about all there is to know about farm/agricultural job offers in USA for foreigners and local residents living within the country.

From above, we talked about the complete job description for agricultural/farm job employment which features the job employment requirements, duties and responsibilities and average amount earned by farm workers in USA.

It is recommended you make use of the application link(s) on this page to view available jobs and send in your interest (CV/Resume) to various employers of fruit picking jobs in USA.

In addition, we do offer writing/re-writing of Resume to fit the kind of job you are applying for. The way you present yourself on your resume and cover letter will help increase your rate of call for interview and chances of employment in USA.

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