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Healthcare Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Healthcare Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship: Healthcare or Hospital jobs are easy to find job offers in Australia for applicants who are willing and active in making the right job enquiry or research.


On this page, we will be talking about the availability of healthcare jobs in Australia, the job description, available vacancies, potential monthly/annual salary as well as how to apply for immediate employment in Australia healthcare sector.

We strongly advice you pay full attention as this information is fully packed. This is because, unlike other web pages across the web, we aim at providing value on this very page by unveiling all there is to know about healthcare jobs in Australia.

Without any further ado, let’s take a glance at some of the core job description for healthcare jobs in Australia for foreigners with visa sponsorships.


Description for Healthcare Jobs: Australia

Healthcare Jobs are available for both foreigners who are interested in seeking for career path in Australia as well as domicile citizens/residents residing in Australia.

The basic job description for healthcare jobs in Australia entails that you will be working as a part-time/fulltime medical or fitness practitioner.

Possible places of employment could be hospital, medical or research centres, chemise etc.


Other top job description for healthcare jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship can be seen below.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibility for healthcare workers in Australia are based on field and position withheld by worker in the establishment. This simply means that duties vary across employees.


Below, you will find some of the generic duties for healthcare workers in Australia with visa sponsorship.

  • Helping patients to move around
  • Monitoring patients and performing basic health checks
  • Making patience feel comfortable
  • Washing and dressing patients
  • Serving meals and helping to feed patients

For employees based in healthcare centers or GP surgery, they may be required to;

  • Perform health checks
  • Take blood samples
  • Process lab samples
  • Sterilize equipment
  • Restock consulting rooms
  • Undertake health promotion and education work etc

Employment Requirements

  • Sc/M.Sc in relevant field relating to position you are applying for
  • Previous work experience as a healthcare worker (except for trainee programs which doesn’t require working experience)
  • Possession of other professional medical certificates can be an added advantage to applicants
  • Possession of government valid permits is required for some job role depending on workload.

Healthcare Jobs Salary in Australia with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners/Residents

According to Salary Research Investigation conducted by Salary Explorer, an average healthcare worker in Australia earns 136,000 AUD per year. This amount is usually between the ranges of 28,400 AUD (minimum) and 405,000 AUD (highest) on yearly basis.

Further research conducted by ZumaFOX revealed that the amount which is usually paid to healthcare workers as salary hourly, monthly or annually is dependent on the initial agreement between both parties involved in the contract of employment.

This explains why some workers earn above or below amount earned by other healthcare workers in different/same organization. Also, salary review for healthcare workers in Australia is usually based on work performance and accomplishments.

Opportunities in healthcare sector in Australia are not as common as other job opportunities like Engineering, administration/management or other field work. This is the reason why securing a high income employment is a bid difficult.

Below, you will find a list of some visa sponsorship employment offers for foreigners to work in Australia healthcare sector as employees.

Available Healthcare Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

There are large employers of healthcare worker’s job in Australia. With thousands of employment annually, be rest assured your offer of employment letter will be delivered to you provided you meet the job requirements for field you are applying for.

Below, you will find a list of some of the top available healthcare workers job in Australia with visa sponsorship for foreigners or Australia residents.

  • Doctor Jobs
  • Nurse Jobs
  • Hospital Administrative Worker Jobs
  • Hospital Janitor Jobs
  • Nursing Home Aid
  • Respite Giver
  • Home Health Aid
  • Personal Care Aid etc.

How to Apply

In order to successfully apply for available healthcare jobs in Australia as a foreigner with visa sponsorship, all you need is tab on the “application link” which will be provided shortly.

You will be redirect to a new page afterwards. This page will contain a list of latest published healthcare jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship which you can individual open to view the job description and employment requirements.

It is advised to highlight latest published jobs (up to 3) and follow the application processes as explain on the page to send in your Resume and Cover letter. Use the below link to apply for visa sponsored healthcare jobs in Australia.

Apply Now

Conclusion: Hot Income Healthcare/Nursing Jobs for Foreigners in Australia with Visa Sponsorship

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From all information above, we advise you take the bold step by using the application link on this page to view available job offers and send in your interest by applying to best fitting jobs that suit you.

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