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Highest Paying Jobs in Russia (with Salary Scale)

Knowing the earning potentials of career opportunities in Russia can be a plus most especially if you are a youth who is looking forth to working in one of the highly paid sector in the country. This information might as well be of information to adults as they will get to find out what the highest paying jobs in Russia are.


Hopefully, this will help as you can give an expert advice to your wards without having to rely on a professional or career adviser. This is simply because not everyone is financially stable to afford one.

Though, it is important to note that seeking for a professional advice still remains the best when it comes to educating your wards in terms of career opportunities.

So let’s get started as we reveal some of the top highly paid career/job opportunities in Russia with Salary Scale.


List of Highest Paying Jobs in Russia with Salary Scale

  1. Ship Captain — 500,000 RUB
  2. Aircraft Commander — 320,000 RUB
  3. Chief Technologist in the gold mining industry — 312,000 RUB
  4. Head Coach of ice hockey team — 300,000 RUB
  5. Construction Site Manager — 250,000 RUB
  6. Dentist — 200,000 RUB
  7. Risk Manager — 200,000 RUB
  8. Electrical Engineer — 195,000 RUB
  9. IT Analyst — 190,000 RUB
  10. Aircraft Co-pilot — 180,000 RUB

How to Secure a Highly Paid Job Opportunity in Russia as a Foreigner/Citizen

Securing a high paying job offer in Russia can be a real pain most especially if you are a foreigner who is in search of greener pasture. However, the possibilities still remains positive as a lot of individuals are getting employed daily. Though, unfortunate ones too are getting dismissed off duty on daily basis too.

In relation to securing or how to get a high paid job offer in Russia as a foreigner/citizen, I will say is “Job Research”.

Job researches can be done via different channels and means which may include via online recruitment platforms, LinkedIn or perhaps, submitting your CV and cover letter to companies.


Jobs don’t just appear from the thin air. One needs to work and play smart to secure it.

Conclusion: Highly Paid Career Opportunities in Russia

Hope you find our content on “Highest Paying Jobs in Russia” worth your time? We’re sure it’s fully packed as we delivered just as promised by listing out some of the top paid career opportunities in Russia as well as how to secure one.


We wish you success as you secure your dream job as a youth searching for a path to lucrative career opportunities in Russia. Also, for individuals reading for educational purposes, we are happy to have you here too.