Hotel Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Hotel Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Searching for best paying hotel jobs in Australia which you can apply for immediate employment? You are just on the right page as we shall be revealing some of the top high income hotel jobs available in Australia in a bit.


The country Australia gets a lot of tourist from all over the world that come for fun, amusement and business purposes. This brought about a hike as there is a need to set up more hotel structures to carter for the need of all these residents.


Today, cities in Australia like Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Northern Territory etc has hundreds of hotels and more being created to service customer’s need. This brings forth a rise in employment generation as lots of hotels are left without sufficient workers.

This sure led us compose this article on our site to help as many who are interested in securing high income hotel job in Australia as a local or even a foreigner. It might also interest you to know that some of these hotel employers do offer visa free sponsorship for potential employees who are outside Australia.

The visa sponsorship will aid quick approval of your visa to migrate and work in Australia without the immigrations doing further checks on you. See below for hotel jobs description in Australia.

Hotel Job Description in Australia

Hotel Job description varies on hotel type and position held by an applicant. For instance, you don’t expect a hotel manager doing the task of a bar tender.


However, the general hotel job description as related to our content is limited to working honestly in any of the available hotels hiring in any of the provinces in Australia.

Without wasting further ado, see below for hotel job salary scale in Australia for all employees.


Hotel Job Salary Scale in Australia

Hotel worker’s salary in Australia is dependent on educational qualification of the employee and the position held. However, an average hotel worker in Australia earns from $15 per hour which can be more depending on initial negotiation by both parties involved.

Below, you will find list of available hotel job opportunities in Australia for foreigners and locals.

Available Hotel Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Hotel Manager

As a Hotel Manager in Australia, you will be in charge of administrative functions in the hotel. This include, regulating all activities happening in the hotel and lots more.


Hotel Receptionist jobs in Australia means you will be a front desk manager who will attend to customers who come in to make bookings and reservation. It is also your responsibility to attend to logged customers by answering phone calls and ordering the room service to meet up to their demands.


Bar Tender

As a Bar Tender in an Australian hotel, it’s your responsibility to mix and serve wines to customers who visits the bar.

Room Service

A room service worker will be responsible for cleaning and ensuring that clients who are logged are comfortable throughout their stay. This type of job requires a lot of patience as some customers is not friendly and you need to do whatever they ask you to as its part of your job description.

Security Service Agents

Security Jobs in hotels are quiet the easiest. As a security, your basic duty is to ensure the safety of all workers and customers in the hotel by moving about, or perhaps staying in the CCTV room to monitor all ongoing activities.

How to Apply

In order to apply for any of the hotel job opportunities mentioned above, you will be required to tab on below application link.

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in Australia

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From above we list out some of the high income hotel jobs which are available in Australia. To all job seekers who are seeking for job opportunity to work in Australian hotel, this is your opportunity to secure a high income job at ease.

All you need to do is tab on “Apply Now” link just beneath the job offer.

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