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Hotel Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

There are lots of Hotel Jobs in UK which you can apply for employment and possibly gets noticed with an offer for employment. What really matters is how good you are in making these research and how you present yourself to your potential employer.


On this page, we shall be looking at some of the top available hotel vacancies in UK for locals and foreigners living outside the country. It will also interest you to know that some of these employers do offer free visa sponsorship to qualified applicants living outside UK.

This simply means you can apply for employment in some of these hotels irrespective of your location as there will be a free visa sponsorship for you. Free visa sponsorship means that your employer will provide necessary documents to the government officials (immigration) so they know the purpose of your visit in UK is strictly for job purpose.

Furthermore, you will have a legal resident permit as you are a working citizen of the country.


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See below for the general hotel job description for individuals who are seeking to work in hospitality field in UK.

Hotel Job description in UK entails that your duties will be carried out within the hotel premises in accordance to your employment role or position.


All employed staffs have different roles and responsibilities which is solely dependent on position they are being employed to manage e.g Manager or Chef etc.

Hotel Job Salary Scale in UK

The salary of hotel workers in UK is usually calculated on numbers of hours spent at work. The amount rate workers earn per hour depends on the capability of the hotel.


However, majority of hotel workers in UK earn an average of $20 per hour and can work for up to 13 hours daily.

Available Vacancies: Hotel Jobs in UK

Hotel Manager & Assistant Manager

The highest ranking administrative staffs in hotels are the Hotel Manager and his assistant. These two are in charge of running the hotel business as they both oversee all activities which are being carried out in the hotel.

There are couples of hotels in UK who are interested in employing qualified individuals to occupy these positions. As someone interested in securing a high income job in UK hotels, you should option for these positions.

SPA Manager

Most hotels in UK have a therapy section where customers can go for a deep massage. The section/department in most hotels is being headed by the SPA manager. The SPA Manager is in charge of regulating all activities in his department and make sure all workers are performing their duties in accordance to the successful growth of the hotel business

Director of Sales and Marketing

The Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for promotion of the hotel as a business entity. This includes running adverts via multiple channels e.g Billboard, TVs, Radio, Blogs etc.


A saver someone who takes customers order from the host/hostess and them deliver to their respective tables or room as the case may be. This is one of the easiest positions to secure instant employment in UK fines hotels.


Receptionists are part of the management staffs in a hotel. They are the first contact once a customer steps into the hotel main entrance. Their basic role and responsibility is to take customers’ order on booking and reservation, picking calls and sending reports to the assistant hotel manager.

How to Apply

Interested in working in the United Kingdom as a hotel worker after viewing above mentioned opportunities? It will also interest you to know that there are other available vacancies which you can apply for. All you need to do is make use of below application link to view potential employment opportunities.

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in UK

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