Hotel Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Hotel Jobs in USA for foreigners (Apply Now): Seeking to get a high income job to work in USA as a hotel worker? You are just on the right path as we shall be looking at some of the top available hotel Jobs in USA – revealing some of the top income ones just for you to pick from.


There are lots of hotels in USA which then brought about the need to employ more workers so as to service the manpower need for successful running of the hotel business. This then brought us to the conclusion to arrange some of the top income and available hotel job offers in USA so you can choose and apply for your most preferred selection provided you meet up with the job requirements.


Below you will find the overall description for hotel jobs in USA.

Hotel Job Description

The general hotel job description for individuals who are seeking for employment to work in a hotel in USA is simple. The basic description which most hotel jobs available in USA entails that you will be required to work full time or part time (depending on employment type) and that your activities will be restricted to that of satisfying the hotel management alone.

This include, dedicating yourself wholly in successful running of the hotel job which you are employed to do.


For applicants who are interested with employment in some of the finest USA hotels, you might want to check out the salary scale one can earn hourly working in a hotel.

Hotel Job Salary Scale in USA


Managers and other management staff earn an average of $25 to $35 per hour which is solely dependent on educational qualification, work experience, hotel size as well as position held.

For workers in the bar section, they earn from $10 to $20 hourly and one can work for up to 12 hours daily. Meanwhile, workers dealing with food e.g Chef and waiter/waitress earns from $12 to $20 per hour.

Interested in earning this much in some of the selected hotels in USA, you might want to scroll below to view some of the top available hotel job opportunities in USA.

It will also interest you to know that some of the employers do offer free visa sponsorship for workers who are not leaving in USA.


Available Hotel Jobs in USA

Hotel Manager & Assistant Manager

The highest ranking administrative staffs in hotels are the Hotel Manager and his assistant. These two are in charge of running the hotel business as they both oversee all activities which are being carried out in the hotel.

There are couples of hotels in USA who are interested in employing qualified individuals to occupy these positions. As someone interested in securing a high income job in USA hotels, you should option for these positions.

Director of Sales and Marketing

The Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for promotion of the hotel as a business entity. This includes running adverts via multiple channels e.g Billboard, TVs, newspapers and blogs etc.

Parking Attendant

As a Parking attendant working in any hotel in the United States, it’s your duty to direct customers to the parking garage or even, collect their keys and park their vehicles on their behave.


Hotel Receptionist jobs in USA means you will be a front desk manager who will attend to customers who come in to make bookings and reservation. It is also your responsibility to attend to logged customers by answering phone calls and ordering the room service to meet up to their demands.

Hotel Housekeeper & Housekeeping Manager

The basic responsibility of housekeeping jobs in Hotels ensuring boarded rooms are kept neat and clean at all times. Most housekeeping jobs in USA hotels are for part-time workers who work to earn pay for the main time before settling.

As a Housekeeping Manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure all employed workers in your department perform their duties in accordance to their job description.


Server jobs in USA hotels are very easy to secure. The basic responsibility for this position is ensuring all customers are being served in accordance to their order. As a server, it’s your duty to take food from the kitchen and deliver to customers.

How to Apply

The application process for USA hotel jobs is one of the easiest. We filtered a hotel job vacancy page to help you discover hundreds of employment opportunities available in United States hotels.

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in USA

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