How to Get a Job Abroad from India with Visa Sponsorship

How to Get a Job Abroad from India with Visa Sponsorship: Are you an Indian seeking for abroad job opportunities to work and live legally in any country in the world outside India?


I’m referring tier one countries like Canada, Australia, United State, Qatar, UK, Kuwait, UAE etc.


We have great news for you which we strongly believe it will be great benefits to lots of job seekers out there (most especially ones residing in India – as this is the main focus of this article).

On this page, we shall be discussing on the availability of oversea jobs with free visa sponsorship for Indian citizens, job types, how to search for these job offers and secure at ease and lastly, a list of available job offers to apply for as a skilled or unskilled worker.

Firstly, we will start by looking at the availability of abroad job opportunities for Indians to work and live outside India legally. See below for more details on this.

What are Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Indians?

A visa sponsorship job for Indians (as used on this page), means these kinds of employment opportunities available for Indian residents whereby, an employer living outside India will send all necessary documents needed for your automatic visa approval to his country’s government/immigration.


These documents may come in form of hard copies or other transcripts and it must contain information about the employer, the employee’s job application approval, the position which the employee is travel outside India to occupy in the employers country among others.

Furthermore, the documents must contain information about the salary range which will be paid to the Indian traveling outside and an agreement that the Indian traveling outside must be paid equal amount paid to other workers in same level in the employer’s organization.


The documents must also contain an agreement which will enlighten the government on the fact that, the employee will be held responsible for any financial need of his employee while outside India.

Surely, you must be wondering if anyone will be willing to go through all these stress after reading most of the information listed above about visa sponsorship employment for Indian citizens.

Well, you will find an answer to that below.

Are there Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Indians Abroad?

The chances of securing a high income job opportunity outside India as an Indian decent is slim most especially if you are seeking for employment while still in India.


However, the availability of visa sponsorship jobs abroad for Indians is positive. This simply means that there are tons of visa sponsored jobs abroad available for Indians living within or outside India.

Visa sponsorship jobs abroad for Indians are available for skilled or unskilled, educated or un-educated applicants. This means that there is always job for everyone provided you are ready and willing to move outside your comfort zone (India).

The most important thing about securing these kinds of job offer is getting the right information and at the right time.

Good one we have you here as you will be educated on right things you need to know in relation to “how to get a job abroad from India with visa sponsorship”.

Below, you will find the common types of jobs available abroad for Indians with examples.

Types of Jobs Abroad for Indian Citizens

Skilled Jobs Abroad for Indians

Skilled Jobs are types of Jobs whereby the employee will need to possess a certain skill as a requirement for employment. These skills can be of any kind provided it is needed for the successful running of the employer’s business. Examples of skilled jobs Abroad for Indians include;

  • Driving Jobs Abroad
  • Tailoring Jobs Abroad
  • Data Analyst Jobs Abroad etc

Unskilled Jobs Abroad for Indians

Unskilled Jobs on the other hand are those kinds of jobs available for Indians who are in search of job opportunities to do, yet, they have no educational qualification or skill. Examples below;

  • Cleaner Jobs Abroad
  • Housekeeper Jobs Abroad
  • Hotel Jobs Abroad etc.

Jobs for Certificate or Non-Certificate Holders

These types of jobs should be self-explanatory to you most especially if you read the title properly. In other words, certificate holder jobs are kinds of jobs available for individuals who possess a University degree certificates relating to the kind of job they are applying for. Examples include;

  • Bank Jobs Abroad
  • Human Resources Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs Abroad etc

On the other hand, non-certificate holders jobs are kind of jobs offer available for individuals without a degree. This also falls as a heading to either skilled or unskilled jobs abroad for foreigners.

Now that you know some of the top available jobs abroad for Indian citizens/residents, we can now proceed to how to secure a high income Job abroad from India with visa sponsorship.

How to Get a Job Abroad from India with Visa Sponsorship

There are couples of steps needed to be taken when it comes to securing a high income job in foreign countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Russia etc. see below for more details on this;

Have Interest on the topic “Abroad Jobs”

When it comes to securing a high income job in foreign countries as an Indian descent, the interest of the term “abroad jobs” must be welcoming to the aspiring job seeker.

Without interest on the topic, the possibility of securing high paying jobs abroad as an Indian descent are numbered.

This is because the interest on the topic “abroad jobs” will be what will motivate you into trying out all possible means to see that you secure a job in any foreign country from India.

Check Your Financial Status

Securing a job abroad has a lot to do with your financial capacity to book a flight out of India as well as, taking all necessary steps to see that your visa is being approved by the appropriate government authorities.

Checking your financial status as a job seeker here entails, the act of checking your financial capability as this is what will guide you to choosing the right type of job. For instance, if you are not financially balanced, it is recommended that you target visa sponsorship employment only instead of normal job opportunities abroad.

Confirm the Job Category that fit’s you

The third step involves confirming the job category that fits your person.

This act involves you checking your educational certificates, skills and experience and other areas of expertise. For simple understanding, what this means is that;

  • If you possess an educational certificate in Accounting; target abroad accounting jobs
  • If you only possess driving skill without any certificates; target abroad driving jobs etc.

Knowing the category you are most qualified in will speed up your employment chances. Remember, you are competing with hundreds of other international applicants therefore; you need to make sure your copies and stand out among other competitors.

Update Your CV/Resume and draft your Cover Letter

The forth and very important stage when it comes to “how to secure a good paying job abroad as an Indian descend” is optimizing your CV to be professionally dedicated to the work you are applying for.

Your cover letter too is very important as it dictates what you have to offer to your potential employer. In simple terms, a cover letter is what you make use of in order to sell yourself as a job seeker to any employer.

Good we do over a top notched service when it comes to CV optimization and cover letter creation (you can view our service page for more on this).

Make Research Available Job Offers

After optimizing your CV/Resume for the kind of job/field you are seeking for employment in, the next is making research on available job opportunities.

As an Indian job seeker who is interested in working abroad, there are couple of means by which you can make use of to research for available job opportunities. Some of which include;

  • Using LinkedIn Jobs
  • Making use of online recruiter portal
  • Social media job post/hunting

The best of them all is making use of recruiter portal. This is because not all employers do post job opportunities on LinkedIn or social media applications like Facebook and the likes.

There are good numbers of online recruiter which you can rely on when it comes to securing a high income abroad job as an Indian resident. See top 3 recruiters below.

Submit your CV to as Many Employers as you can

After researching and discovering a job that suit you, all you need to do is study the job details and requirements. If you’re qualified, you proceed with the application sequence.

This includes;

  • Filling all necessary forms
  • Copying and pasting your cover letter in the appropriate field
  • Uploading your CV and other required documents
  • Clicking on the submit button

Having done all these, you can start getting yourself prepared for a virtual interview or mail interview as the case may be. However, you will only be hosted for an interview if you happen to be shortlisted for the job you applied for by the employer.

We wish you success as you discover high paying jobs using our guide above. In addition, we decided to share with you available job opportunities abroad for Indians.

You can simply tab on the application link(s) which will take you to a filtered search page revealing latest available jobs.

Available Abroad Jobs for Indians with visa sponsorship

  • Housekeeping Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Hotel Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Driving Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Restaurant Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Security Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Programing Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Accounting Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Bank Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Oil & Gas Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now
  • Engineering Jobs Abroad for Indians – Apply Now

Also, we decide to share with you some top recommended sites for job seekers in India who are searching for international jobs to apply for.

Sites to Find Abroad Jobs for Indians

 Conclusion: Securing a High Income Job in Abroad from India

Securing a high income employment abroad as an Indian shouldn’t be a problem to you now since we believe you’ve consumed this content from start to this section.

We delivered just as promised by taking an in-depth view on abroad jobs for Indians, types of job opportunities and sites to find high paying employment offers for Indians.

What we expect of you now is ensuring that you make use of the application link(s) to send in your Cover Letter and CV. Hey; you can always reach out to us for creation and modification of your CV to fit any kind of job you are applying for.

Do you wish to make further enquiry on the topic under review “How to get a Job Abroad from India with visa sponsorship” or perhaps, drop a feedback? You can get in touch with our moderators by using the comment field below or our contact form.