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How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

It might be so stressing searching for a job in Canada from Nigeria in recent times.


This surely may be due to the high rate of immigrants relocating to Canada for greener pasture.

It is however, no news that Canadian Jobs pays higher compared to most countries in the globe.

For instance, the Country Nigeria is one of these countries suffering with low payment when it comes to wages paid to workers as salaries and remunerations.


In fact, do you know that the current Nigerian Minimum wage as at July 2022 per month is still at ₦30,000 which is equivalent to $49?

One notable fact is that; some companies still find it difficult paying workers as high as ₦30k monthly as salary.

This is relatively low when compared to how high other countries are paying their workers monthly.


In other hand, the cost for commodities in the market keep getting high due to how low the country’s currency (Naira) keep depreciating against dollar.

This sure brings about the rise of Nigerians being interested in finding foreign jobs they can do to survive since the country’s payment for work is inappreciable.


Well, we shall be looking at some of the top ways by which one can use to secure a job in Canada from Nigeria. We advise you keep engaged on this content as it will do you only good.

Can I get a Canadian Job from Nigeria?


As a Nigeria, you can be domicile from any part of the world and still be able to secure a high paying job in Canada at ease. This is because Canada is a country of opportunities as there are lots of job opportunities which you can engage in to make a living over there.

We gathered some of the top available and high paying job opportunities one can secure in Canada while being a Nigerian citizen from Nigeria.

Types of Jobs Available in Canada for Nigerian Citizens

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Programming, Web/App Development
  • Medical Doctors
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Nanny Jobs
  • Management/HR Jobs
  • Market Research Jobs
  • Tourism Management and lots more.

Minimum Wage for Jobs in Canada

The minimum wage for job in Canada is $25.55 per hour which is placed effective from April 1st, 2022. The $25.55 minimum wage per hour is a $0.55 raise and a 3.6% increase compared to the minimum rate which was approved by the country’s federation in the year 2021.

Canada Visa Requirements for Nigerians

For those seeking for available jobs in Canada, it is also important to note that you will need to prepare and ready some documents should in case the need arises. The following documents are needed in processing your Canadian visa from Nigeria;

  • Passport Photograph
  • Nigerian/International Passport
  • Explanation of the purpose of your trip
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of ties to your home country (Nigeria)

Knowing fully well that above mentioned documents will be ready at request, be rest assured that your trip may be approved.

So let’s proceed further as we reveal to you some of the top methods/ways to secure a Job in Canada as a Nigerian citizen while residing in your home country (Nigeria).

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

Search for a Job on Top Canadian Job Portals

The first and basic step to take when you are seeking for job opportunities in Canada is to make research on top job portals.

There are lots of Job portals which you can access even with your mobile phone to access hundreds and thousands of job opportunities available in Canada which are regularly updated on daily basis.

Listing these sites here might get you too lazy to make your own research which can be even more effective. Therefore, we will be showing you how to make this research in 3 easy steps.

How to search for Job Portals for Latest Job Vacancies in Canada

  • Pick up your phone and open
  • Type in “Jobs in Canada (+ Field of Interest e.g Doctor)”
  • Open top 10 websites and analyze them individually to compare available results

Apply for Foreign Jobs Provided you are Qualified

The next step is the completion for step one which is to search for available job vacancies in Canada.

Having analyzed most of these websites and job opportunities which are being posted daily, what next to do is check for entry requirements and job description.

If you feel you will be capable to handle the job appropriately, then you should check out the job requirements to ensure if you have all the available papers needed to secure the job.

Now apply for the job using the information on the job portals.

If you are being shortlisted (which often take a while), you then can start processing your work Visa starting with Nigerian Immigrations office near you.

Become a Freelancer and Apply for Available Jobs Opportunities in Canada

Freelancers are professionally skilled individuals who engage on a service and get paid for their work when completed.

As someone seeking for a foreign job from Nigeria, you can leverage opportunities as a skilled professional on a particular field.

There are lots of freelance marketplaces online where you can find people (foreigners) looking forward to hire professionals on a field to work for them.

For starters who are interested with this job model, it is however, advisable you learn a skill which is high in demand before anything else.

Get a Labour Market Impact Assessment

Getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment is yet another leading way to secure a job in Canada as a Nigeria.

The country Canada is in partnership with the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) as a means of providing job opportunities to foreigners most especially if there is no qualified citizen to handle the job in Canada as at when needed.

In times like this, an Employer from Canada can option to issue a foreigner to aid a visa application stating that the worker will fill a position which their isn’t a qualified individual to fill in Canada at the moment.

As a Nigerian seeking for job opportunity in Canada and being qualified for the job title, you can begin your application while being in concern to the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

However, your Visa can as well be approved without you having an approval from the TFWP provided you have all other necessary documents as stated above on Canadian Visa Application.

Apply for Pilot Training Program from Nigeria

Immigration Pilot Training program is another sure aid when it comes to seeking for a resident permit to find and work in Canada while being a Nigerian citizen.

Some of the high in demand pilot programs in Canada which you can apply include the;

  • Agri-Food Pilot Program
  • Home Care provider Pilot Program

These two (2) fields are high in demand in Canada yet they lack work force to fill up these space which is why you as a Nigeria seeking to get a job in Canada can leverage the opportunity at hand.

We thought of sharing some top sites which you can use to discover or find job opportunities in Canada from Nigeria.

Top Sites to Discover Canadian Job Opportunities


Conclusion: Getting a Canadian Job as a Nigerian Citizen

Hey there, we are glad you could read completely the information we have for you on this page. Hopefully, this should assist or help you in securing a top paying job opportunity in Canada while being a Nigerian citizen domicile in the country Nigeria.

You can as drop a feedback to us if you have anything to add or enquiry to make in relation to this content. Cheers to you as we celebrate your Canadian employment in advance.