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Jobs in China for English Speakers without Degree

Jobs in China for English Speakers without degree: China is the most industrialized country in Asia and the world at large. The country is also known as one of the top countries in the world which is easy to find high income job opportunities for both locals and foreigners.


The major problem when it comes to securing a job opportunity in China is related to the generally spoken language. Most industries, companies and establishment in China prefer employing individuals who understand Chinese as this is the commonly used language used across the country unlike Canada, US or Ireland which primary used language is English Language.

This further leads to a bit of trouble as not everyone knows how to speak Chinese nor are they interested to learn how to speak the language.

Or do you even think one can learn Chinese language without any initial background knowledge as an infant? Well, it might be possible to only 0.5% out of 100.


Though, we will advise you don’t panic as there are still career/job opportunities in China for English speakers (even without having a degree). This means your educational grade doesn’t matter at all as you can still find a good paying employment offer to work and live in China as an English speaking employee.

In order to understand what English speaking jobs with no degree really mean, we decided to expand it further for individuals who may need more explanations on the topic under review.

Below, you will find a detailed description for Jobs in China for English Speakers without Degree.


English Speaking Job Description in China

Securing a Job as an English Speaker in China could be a real pain however, we advise you shouldn’t panic as there are still a handful of employment opportunities you can apply for (in different categories too).


Generally, the description for English Speaking Jobs in China for individuals without a degree entails that your duties and responsibilities will not really be dependent on the language you speak.

In the course of your job when employed, you can make use of any language e.g to communicate with your employer or co-workers as the case may be.

Below, you will find available vacancies for Jobs in China for English speakers without educational degree.

Available Vacancies: Jobs in China for English Speakers without Degree

Restaurant Jobs

There are good foreign restaurants across most populated cities in China. Remember we main mention of China being an industrialized country earlier? This bring about a lot of foreigners to who don’t speak Chinese to come live in China in search of opportunities.

Some of these foreigners happen to be English speakers and this is why most foreign restaurants in China hire English speaker to work as Chef, cook, host/hostess etc.

As an English speaker seeking for employment in China, you can discover available vacancies in China restaurants as this is another hot paying sectors since there are limited numbers of English speakers for the job.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs generally are high paying sectors in most countries. Though, it might be difficult to secure a high paying English speaking job in China most especially if you don’t have a degree certificate.

Well, there are still chances by which you can monetize your English speaking skills without having to apply for Job employment in one of these schools who will ask you for educational qualification.

Since majority of the population in China don’t speak English, you can send a pitch to parents to allow their wards to be under your tutorship while you teach them written and oral English.

You can as well send applications to Crèche and primary schools in China for employment as an English teacher. Most of these elementary schools won’t really ask for a degree certificates from you.

Delivery Agent Jobs

The basic role of a delivery agent is to ship item purchased in a store to customer’s location. This type of job only involves you picking item from store and taking it to customer’s home or office address while you collect payments (if it was purchased via a payment on delivery order).

Your duties while in the course of your job don’t really require that you know how to speak other languages aside English. There are tons of employers in this sector who are searching for English speakers in China for immediate employment (even without a degree certificate).

How to Apply

Are you interested with some of the job opportunities mentioned above and eager to send in your application? You don’t need to rush because these vacancies are endless as more employers keep posting new opportunities on daily basis.

See below for application link which will take you to a page revealing available Jobs in China for English Speakers without degree. From there, you can select the ones you are most qualified for and send in your application.

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Conclusion: Securing a High Income English Speaking Job in China

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We strongly advice you take action by using the application links within this page to apply for available Jobs in China for English Speakers. Only by doing this you will be able to secure employment opportunity in any of the provinces in China since no one will sent you an offer for employment without you showing interest on the job.

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