Jobs in Japan for English Speakers without Degree

Jobs in Japan for English Speakers without degree: Japan is one of these countries in the world where people who are in search of job opportunities run to. This is because there are lots of companies, establishments and facilities that are employing individuals from various fields.

Are you interested in working in Japan as a citizen or foreigner residing outside the country? You are just on the right page as we shall be looking at the availability and how to secure a high income Job opportunity in Japan for English speakers (even without degree).


Surely, you must have known that most countries in Asia don’t speak English language as their primary means of communication. Well, Japan is one of these countries where English is spoken by only a few out of multitudes.

This bring about a rise in difficulty when it comes to securing a Job as an English speaker who doesn’t have any higher educational degree to work in high paying sectors like Foreign Affairs, Oil & Gas, Engineering etc.

However, this isn’t a call for panic as one can still secure a good paying job in Japan as an English speaker without degree.

Below, you will find a detailed description on Jobs in Japan for English speakers without degree. This will help you further understand what the available jobs is all about and what is required of you when eventually employed.


English Speaking Job Description in Japan

English Speaking Jobs in Japan are the hardest set of job opportunity one can secure in Japan most especially if you don’t’ possess a higher level of educational certificate (e.g Degree).

Well, there are still chances for individuals who are searching for job opportunity without a degree in Japan as English speakers. The most important thing is making the right research and applying for available job opportunity at the right time. A mater touch in your CV and cover letter too can increase you interview rate which is why we offer these services here (check our service page).


The overall description for English speaking job in Japan is entails that the primary language which will be used during the course of your duties as an employee is English Language. However, knowing a bit of Japanese is an added advantage in some cases.

See available jobs for English Speakers in Japan below.

Available Vacancies: Jobs in Japan for English Speakers without Degree

Private Driving Jobs

In Japan, one of the available jobs for English speakers is in the driving sector. This is because there are good numbers of English speakers who will prefer hiring someone who knows how to speak English as their drivers.

Even though private driving jobs in Japan pays higher than some cooperate works, this type of job doesn’t require an educational degree in order to secure employment. The most important thing is your road worthiness and work experience you have in the past.

Beauty & Fashion

Women from all over the world love fashion in general which may be branched into makeups, hairdressing, clothing etc. There are lots of fashion jobs in Japan available for English and non-English speakers.

The basic requirement to secure employment in this field is your experience and interest in the field. Some of the popular places which you can get hired include Beauty/Fashion stores, Cosmetic stores, Boutiques, Model service agencies etc.

Hotel Jobs

There are various departments in hotel which anyone can work (most especially English speakers) in Japan without a degree qualification.

As someone searching for Jobs in Japan for English speakers without degree, you can option for the following vacancies in Japanese hotels; Receptionist, Host/Hostess, Server, Bartender, Chef, Cook, Porter, Security, Room attendant etc.

How to Apply

Are you interested with some of the job opportunities mentioned above and eager to send in your application? You don’t need to rush because these vacancies are endless as more employers keep posting new opportunities on daily basis.

See below for application link which will take you to a page revealing available Jobs in Japan for English Speakers without degree. From there, you can select the ones you are most qualified for and send in your application.

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Conclusion: Securing a High Income English Speaking Job in Japan

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We strongly advice you take action by using the application links within this page to apply for available Jobs in Japan for English Speakers. Only by doing this you will be able to secure employment opportunity in any of the provinces in Japan since no one will sent you an offer for employment without you showing interest on the job.

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