Jobs in Norway for English Speakers without Degree

Jobs in Norway for English Speakers without degree: The Country “Norway” is the world center when it comes to career opportunities in various field and industry. Generally, the native language spoken in Norway is English Language making them one of the leading countries in the world speaking English.


However, Norway has other languages which are being spoken across major regions in the country e.g Norwegian, Sami, Kven, Romany and Scandoromani. Though, English language still remains the most acceptable language in the country.


Knowing this should give you peace as I assume you are an English speaker since you are here reading this guide on Jobs in Norway for English Speakers.

On this page, we shall be revealing some of the job opportunities available in Norway for English speakers who are domicile within or outside Norway.

Without wasting further ado on the topic under review, see below for a detailed guide on English Speaking Jobs in Norway.

English Speaking Job Description in Norway


Earlier on this page, we made mention of English Language being a primary language used for communication in Norway.

This should give you peace of mind because, if the primary language spoken in Norway is English; it means most of the job opportunities too will be for English speakers.


Just like in the United States (US), Nigeria and Europe, securing a high income English speaking job in Norway is easy since most of country’s populations are fluent when it comes to spoken and written English.

In Summary, Jobs for English speakers as discussed on this page are type of job offers by which the basic means of communication which will be used in the course of your job is English language. For instance, if you got employed as a customer service agent, the means of communication which will be used by you to support customers is English Language and nothing more.

One interesting fact about some of these English speaking jobs in Norway is that you don’t need a major degree in order to secure employment. What this means is that one can gain a high paying English speaking job in Norway without a degree.

Below, you will find available Norway jobs for English speakers without degree, details and application link.


Available Vacancies: Jobs in Norway for English Speakers without Degree

Hotel Jobs

Hotel Jobs in Norway is one good example of available jobs for English speakers living inside the country. There are good numbers of hotel job vacancies across most cities in Norway which you can apply for irrespective of your location.

As an English speaker seeking for a Job in any of Norway’s fines hotels, you can apply for the following vacancies which doesn’t require a degree for employment; Chef, cook, porter, SPA agent, server, housekeeper, room service, Parking attendant etc.

You will find an application link as you read further.

Nanny Jobs

Nanny Jobs are common in most cities in Norway too and they’re one good example of types of jobs available for English speakers residing in Norway who are seeking for employment opportunities.

The primary duty of a nanny if taking care of babies or infant while their moms are not around. The reason why this kind of job is popular in Norway is due to the fact that most of the moms are either employed or business oriented so they find it hard to take proper care of their wards.



As an English speaking resident in Norway searching for employment opportunity, you can apply for nanny jobs as it pays well too.

Receptionist Jobs

The need for receptionists in Norway is endless. This is because there are vast employers of receptionist service in Norway. There are lots of hotels, hospitals, Agencies, firms etc who are in need of front desk managers (receptionists).

Your duty as a receptionist working in Norway depends on the type of organization you are working with. For instance if you work as a receptionist in a Hotel, your duties will be checking customers in/out, making bookings/reservations, answering phone calls etc.

As an English speaker who is experienced and want this kind of job, you should consider applying for receptionist jobs. You will find an application link further on this page.

How to Apply

Are you interested with some of the job opportunities mentioned above and eager to send in your application? You don’t need to rush because these vacancies are endless as more employers keep posting new opportunities on daily basis.

See below for application link which will take you to a page revealing available Jobs in Norway for English Speakers without degree. From there, you can select the ones you are most qualified for and send in your application.

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Conclusion: Securing a High Income English Speaking Job in Norway

Hello there!!! Hope our content on available vacancies/jobs for English speakers in Norway is worth the while since we delivered just as promised.

We strongly advice you take action by using the application links within this page to apply for available Jobs in Norway for English Speakers. Only by doing this you will be able to secure employment opportunity in any of the provinces in Norway since no one will sent you an offer for employment without you showing interest on the job.

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