Nanny Jobs in UK for foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Nanny Jobs in UK for foreigners with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now: One job which doesn’t require much when it come higher educational qualification in UK is the nanny-like kind of job. Nanny Jobs in UK has grown from being a side hustle to some jobless citizens or foreigners leaving in UK to a full time job.

In fact, it leads to the stage whereby citizens from other countries all over the world are searching for Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship due to how welcoming the remuneration is.


This is however due to the fact that some job search and placement agencies in the UK serves as a mediator and even publishing nanny jobs offers in the UK which comes with a visa sponsorship for individuals residing outside UK.

They may however be as a result to the fact that most moms in the UK are workers in private sectors and they lack enough time to take care of their children. This then leads them to having no other choice other than hiring a stay-at-home nanny which they can entrust their kids in their absence.

With high remuneration (salary) and other benefits, nanny job offers seams welcoming to individuals who are jobless and residing inside and outside UK. This sure brings us penning down this content revealing all there is to know in relation to the availability of Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship, job responsibility and requirements, and lastly, how to secure/get a nanny job in UK with or without visa sponsorship.

So without wasting any further ado, let’s get straight to knowing the availability of Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship for citizens and foreigners.


Are there Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship?


Just like any other working field all over the world, Nanny jobs is one kind of job which is available and common in major states in the United Kingdom (UK) due to high rate of working-class moms.


Salary Scale for Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

The Salary Scale for Nanny Jobs in UK is being calculated per hour basis. Currently, a Nanny working in UK earns an average income ranging from £5 – £12 per hour.

In as much as the salary earning is mouth watery, it is advisable you note down some of the basic responsibilities for nanny jobs available in UK.

Nanny Jobs in UK Responsibilities

The following job responsibilities are commonly placed on nannies in UK. However, more may be added which is determinant to the employer and which is usually agreed upon before employment;

  • Performing household chores which include; sweeping, washing dishes as well as child laundry
  • Ensuring clean and tidy work environment at all times
  • Changing diapers for kids as at when necessary
  • Entertaining kids and infant

Nanny Job Requirements in the United Kingdom (UK)

Applicants must at least possess the following qualities in order to be seen fit for employment for Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship;

  • At least 2 years of child handling and management experience (most especially infant).
  • Proficient knowledge of home safety and first aid knowledge
  • Proficient knowledge of meal making
  • English speaking and must have good character (responsible someone)
  • Must have a guarantor or someone who will he hold responsible in case of any unforeseen event.

Having possessed qualities mentioned above, be sure you can get a high paying Nanny job in UK which can sustain you for a while.

See below for some available.

How to Get Nanny Jobs in UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

1. Visit Nanny Recruitment Job Portals

As someone searching for nanny jobs in UK, the first option to refer to which is even more reliable is accessing job search portals.

There are tons of job search portals or recruitment agencies in UK which through them, you can get or secure a high paying Nanny Job within a time frame of 2 weeks provided you are consistent with your request/search.

We shall be listing some of the top 5 most reliable nanny recruitment agencies in UK as of 2024 below so you can start pitching your request.

AUPair Job Recruiter

AUPair Job recruitment agency is one of the leading job search portals for aspiring nannies from all over the world. On their website, you will find hundreds of top paying nanny jobs and other home care opportunities which you can do to save up cash for yourself while in the UK.

The most interesting part is that you can as well secure high paying nanny job with a Visa sponsorship using AUpair job recruitment agency at ease.

You can visit their official website to discover high paying Nanny Jobs available for you by accessing the link below.

Visit AUPair Portal:

Moms the Word Job Recruiter

Moms the Word Job recruiter is yet another leading job search portals in the United Kingdom aim at providing nanny jobs and home care opportunities for individuals from within and outside the country.

Just like AUPair Job recruiter, Moms the word platform can as well be of help to foreigners who are looking forth to live in UK with full resident permit doing nanny job service for pay.

You can access their official website below to view hundreds of available nanny job opportunities published daily in UK.

Visit Moms The Word Job Portal:

Nanny Jobs UK Recruiter

Nanny Jobs Recruiter UK is sure a big name for individuals seeking job opportunity to work as nannies from all over the world. This includes countries like India, Pilipino, Nigeria and Ghana etc.

Just as their brand name “nanny Jobs UK”, they are a leading recruiter based in the United Kingdom which assist individuals from all corners of the earn in securing nanny jobs in UK.

You can check them out for a review yourself.

Visit Nanny Jobs UK Recruiter:

Indeed Job Recruiter

For individuals who are regular searchers for job opportunities in Canada, Dubai, Australia and the likes, Indeed Job recruiter wouldn’t be a new name.

They are a leading job search and recruitment website publishing job opportunities in over 15+ countries in the planet. On their platform, one can access job opportunities in divers’ fields such as Management, Hospitals, Home care, Science, Programming etc.

They are also known globally when it comes to publishing Nanny and home care-taker job opportunities in UK which can be applied by both citizens and foreigners.

To access all these job opportunities published by Indeed Recruiter, all you need to do is visit their platform using the link below.

Visit Indeed Recruiter Portal:

2. Have a Friend in UK Research for Nanny Job Space for You

Another effective way to secure a good or high paying nanny job in UK most especially if you are not a resident is by asking a friend living there to help you out.

This is because, most Nanny Job offers are not usually published on online platforms as there are lots of people offline who are available to fill up these space even before they are being published online.

We only but wish you success as you secure a good paying nanny job in any of the regions in UK as a foreigner or even a citizen.

Conclusion: Getting a Nanny Job in UK

Getting a Nanny Job in UK could be troubling most especially if you are not a residing individual in any of the states. However, following either of our guides as mentioned above may give you an upper hand for securing one.

It’s also important to note that there is no shame working as a nanny in UK. At least, its better than being jobless or doing no other thing aside playing video games or watching TVs.

We only but wish you success as you secure a high paying Nanny Job in UK using our guide as provided on this page.