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Are you interested in joining the Pakistan Army but not sure of the available jobs to apply for? We are here to guide you with all the details you need as regards to available job vacancies in Pak Army hence why we call this “Pak Army Jobs to Apply this year”.

Before unveiling some of the available vacancies to apply, let’s give you a brief about the Pakistan Army. It will aid your understanding on what it takes to becoming a full time government security worker in Pakistan.

About Pak Army

The Pakistan Army, officially known as the Pakistan Army, is the land-based branch of Pakistan’s military forces. It is one of the three major branches of the Pakistani Armed Forces, alongside the Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Air Force. The Pakistan Army is responsible for safeguarding the nation’s territorial integrity, defending against external threats, and assisting civil authorities in times of emergencies or natural disasters.


Here are some key aspects and highlights of the Pakistan Army:

  • Historical Background: The Pakistan Army has its roots in the British Indian Army and was established shortly after the creation of Pakistan in 1947 when the Indian subcontinent gained independence from British colonial rule. It inherited a portion of the British Indian Army’s assets and personnel.
  • Size and Structure: The Pakistan Army is one of the largest standing armies in the world, with a significant number of active-duty personnel. It is organized into various corps, each specializing in different aspects of military operations, such as infantry, artillery, armored warfare, and engineering.
  • Modernization and Equipment: Over the years, Pakistan has invested in modernizing its army’s equipment and weaponry. It has acquired a range of conventional and strategic weapons to maintain its defense capabilities.
  • Counterterrorism Operations: The Pakistan Army has been actively involved in counterterrorism operations within the country, particularly in the tribal regions along the Afghan border. These efforts have been aimed at combating insurgent groups and improving security within Pakistan.
  • Peacekeeping Missions: Pakistan is one of the largest contributors of troops to United Nations peacekeeping missions worldwide. Pakistani soldiers have played a crucial role in maintaining peace and stability in conflict zones across the globe.
  • Civil Assistance: In addition to its primary defense role, the Pakistan Army has frequently been called upon to assist civil authorities during natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. Its quick response and relief efforts have earned it praise from both domestic and international communities.
  • Training and Academies: The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) in Kakul, the National Defence University (NDU), and several other institutions provide comprehensive training to officers and soldiers, emphasizing leadership, discipline, and professional development.
  • International Relations: The Pakistan Army maintains strong relationships with several foreign military forces, including the United States, China, and various Middle Eastern countries. These relationships often involve military cooperation, joint exercises, and the exchange of military technology and expertise.
  • Nuclear Deterrence: Pakistan has maintained a policy of credible minimum deterrence and possesses a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against external aggression. The army plays a crucial role in the security and management of Pakistan’s nuclear assets.
  • Respect for Democracy: The Pakistan Army has seen periods of direct military rule in the country’s history. However, it has increasingly shown a commitment to supporting democracy and the constitutional process in recent years.

The Pakistan Army plays a pivotal role in ensuring Pakistan’s national security and defending its interests. It continues to adapt to evolving security challenges while upholding its commitment to the nation’s sovereignty and stability.

Having learned about the history and white papers of the Pakistan Army, let’s now proceed to know if the application is still on.


Is Pak Army Jobs Recruitment Application Ongoing?

Yes, the application for Pakistan Army job recruitment is still in progress.

All interested individuals who wish to apply for the ongoing Pak Army Jobs can follow details on this page as an application guideline. See details below.


Details on Pak Army Recruitment Jobs

Eligibility Criteria (Job Requirements)

To qualify for the ongoing Pakistan Army job application, candidates must meet/possess the following requirements;

  • Diplomas and/or Certificates of Education
  • A computerized National Identity Card (for those 18 and above) or a Form B with a guardian’s ID (for those below 18)
  • Three (3) passport-sized photos
  • The location of your primary residence
  • If applicable, copies of the CNIC Experience letter.

Selection Processes

  • Advertising through the Pakistan Army
  • Online Application Submission
  • Assessment Test
  • Interview Process
  • Ultimate Selection
  • Employment Offer

Pakistan Army Salary

Salaries in the Pakistan Army vary significantly based on several factors, including rank, years of service, and the nature of the assignment.

The Pakistan Army follows a structured pay scale, and its compensation packages are designed to be competitive and provide financial security to its personnel. The Salary rating goes as thus;

  • Commissioned Officers
  • Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs
  • Specialist Corps
  • Civilian Employee

Having looked at some the salary scale of the Pakistan Army, we’re sure you’ve made a decision on which of the commission you are interested in.

Not to worry, we will list out all available vacancies in the Pakistani Army and how to apply in a bit.

Available Jobs in Pakistan Army (Pak Army)

The following job openings are available for recruitment in Pakistan Army;

  • Fireman
  • Captain
  • Clerk
  • Sweeper
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  • Soldier
  • Army Services Corps (ASC)
  • Electrical Corps
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Cook
  • Doctor/Nurses
  • Corps of Signals
  • Army Education Corps
  • Civil Driver

Having seen some of the available jobs in Pakistan Army, you sure must be in a haste to get the application link and procedures.

See below for a complete guide on how to apply and join the Pakistan Army as a permanent worker.

How to Apply for Pakistan Army Jobs

To apply for the ongoing Pakistan Army recruitment, candidates must first ensure they possess all the requirement document and meet other application requirements as listed on this page (above).

Furthermore, applicants will be head over to the Pakistani army recruitment portal which can be accessed at

While on the official recruitment website, applicant are required to create a free account by tapping on the application page on the home page. After creating your free account, candidates will be required to fill the application form with their correct bio data details as well as upload copies of their passport photograph and educational qualifications obtained.

When done filling the form, candidates are to submit the application form for the 2023/2024 Pak Army Job Recruitment.

Notes: It is important to start checking the inbox of email address used during registration so as not to miss any important updates when you eventually get shortlisted.

What is the Last Date for Pak Army Registration 2023?

The last date for Pak Army registration for the 2023 recruitment exercise is 14 May, 2023. Individuals who fail to submit their application before the closing date will be considered  ineligible for the exercise.

Conclusion: Joining the Pakistani Army This Year (Pak Army Jobs 2023/2024)

Glad you made it to this section of this content where we talked about all there is to know about all available vacancies in Pak Army you may be interested to apply for.

This mass recruitment is available for anyone from the general public who wishes to be part of the Pakistan Armed forces. From above, we discussed all there is to know about Pakistan Army, the job requirement and selection processes. Furthermore, we looked at the salary scale for Pakistan Army workers, available vacancies and lastly how to apply/join the Pakistan Army.

Surely, this piece contains all you need to know as it relates to joining the Pakistan Army.

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