Unskilled Jobs in China for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in China for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Seeking for job employment in China as a foreign applicant but no educational qualification/background? You then might want to consider some of the available unskilled jobs in China with visa sponsorship.

This is simply because these types of jobs are the best fit for a person like you who want to start earning in foreign currency working abroad.


Aside the fact that you will be paid even more than what you normally earn in your home country as an unskilled worker, you tend to get a resident permit to leave in China since you are working there.

This is more like a double benefit if I must add.

Anyways, the main goal still remains finding a better job which is of less stress yet considered good when it comes to high income.

We are lucky to have you here as we shall be talking about some of the top high income unskilled jobs in China with visa sponsorship which you can apply for and hopefully, get approved to live and work in China.


So in order not to waste any moment wondering about the topic under review, lets get you started with what unskilled sponsorship jobs in China is as we learn a good number of applicants are not familiar with the term.

What are Visa Sponsored Unskilled Jobs in China?


Free visa sponsorship jobs for unskilled applicants means a type of job offers available in China whereby, the employer/company who or which is based in China will send some documents to the Chinese government on your behave so your visa will be approved at ease.

This means you won’t have to go for further checks such as checking of your bank statement for previous months to verify you are financially capable for the journey to China among others.

The sponsorship also informs the government that your employer will be responsible for you when there be a financial aid while in the country. However, you might not be subjected to grants like citizens of China.

How to Find Unskilled Jobs in China with Visa Sponsorship

To find unskilled job offers available in China, all you have to do is research. Nothing more works as effective as this unless you have someone who will be ready to carry your burden.

This however, isn’t common at all times as everyone is working for his self-growth and development.

As mentioned earlier, we are lucky to have you here on this page since being on this page means you are a good researcher who isn’t lazy to one who is interested in finding an international job offer to work in China.

Below, you will find some of the top high income job offers for international applicants without experience who are seeking job opportunity to work in China.

Available Unskilled Jobs in China with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Applicants

Factory Workers Job

China is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to number of factories in the production sector. Therefore, the need of more factory workers in China is just endless as more companies keep expanding yet lack man power effort to service their need.

This then brings about the need to employ both locals and foreigners to work for a pay in Factories. One interesting fact about these kinds of Factory Job offers in China is that most of the employers offers a visa free employment type.

Below, you will find an application link which will direct you to a page where you will find some mouth watery factory jobs with visa sponsorship in China.

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Chef Jobs

Everyone on earth eats. The rate of immigrants and foreigners too are increasing in numbers on yearly basis. This bring about the need to have chefs from foreign countries like India, US, Africa, Europe etc to service the need of immigrants who are in China for work purposes.

Chef Jobs in China is also a high in demand job opportunity in the unskilled category which can be applied by international candidates too. Below, you will find an application link where you will view and send in your applications provided you are qualified for the job offer.

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Delivery Agent Jobs

Delivery agent jobs in China are also one example of unskilled jobs in china with visa sponsorship. However, not all employers of delivery job in China may offer this kind of employment.

Though, this doesn’t mean you should lose interest provided you know you are fit for a job like this. There are still companies who are interested in hiring delivery agents from international countries and even giving free visa sponsorships.

From below, you will find an application link which we have set up filtered visa sponsored jobs for you in the delivery service category.

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Farm Jobs

Farm Jobs in China is very common as most of the people is rural communities are into large production of agricultural produce. There are companies too who owns large farms and willing to hire as many workers as they can get to service the man power sector of their business.

This then bring about the need of hiring international applicants as theirs not enough interested citizens who are willing to work in this field. Some of this establishments are even hiring international applicant with a free visa sponsorship too which you can leverage as someone who don’t mind working in the farm while in China. You can use below application link to apply to available Farm jobs in China published this month.

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Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driving job in China is one of the highest paying unskilled jobs available for foreign applicants with visa sponsorship. However, this type of job requires that you have a degree of work experience as well as licenses in order to be considered for employment in China.

We’ve gathered some available ones for you below. All you need to do is tab on the “apply now” button below to view them and select the one you are most qualified for.

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Conclusion: Hot in Demand Unskilled Jobs in China for Foreigners

Unskilled Jobs in China for international and foreign applicants is the best pick for individuals who are not educationally sound for a formal job. It is important you don’t look these job offers to be as common as you may think because you can earn a living it your income over there and perhaps, service the need of your relatives in your home country since you are now earning in Chinese currency which is yen (¥).

We wish you success as you secure your first unskilled job offer to work in China this year.

Do you have questions or anything to add in respect to high income unskilled jobs in China with visa sponsorship? You can live it below via the comment section.