Unskilled Jobs in Europe for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in Europe for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Optioning for an unskilled job offer with visa sponsorship remains the best choice you’ve got when it comes to living and working in Europe most especially if you are searching for no experience jobs. We are lucky to have you here as you are just on the right page where we will be looking at some of the high income jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship.

With this information, we are sure you will be able to secure a job with a resident permit in Europe within few months or even weeks. It all depends on how serious you are and how you position yourself using a standard cover letter and CV.


So let’s get started as we look at a brief for what visa sponsored job in Europe mean before proceeding to the main section. We learn a good number of foreign applicants are not familiar with the term even though they use if often.

What are Visa Sponsored Unskilled Jobs in Europe?

Visa sponsored jobs in for international applicants with no experience are those types of job offer whereby, the employer/company in Europe offering you an employment to work in Europe will provide some documents to the Europe government/immigrations so your visa will be approved.

Once being sponsored on a visa, the European embassy in your country will automatically allow you to travel to Europe since you are going on a work purpose. This means that you won’t have to pass through some financial checks and possess other requirement like others who are traveling for a visit or other purposes.


In addition, your visa as a potential applicant will come with a free resident permit to live in Europe since you are going for work purpose.

Having known what sponsorship visa jobs are in Europe, let’s go further as we talk about some of the top ways to find/discover unskilled job opportunities in Europe with free visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.


How to Find Unskilled Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

There are basically, two methods to do this which include;

  • Searching online via recruiter platforms or,
  • Getting someone in Europe do a physical search on your behave.

Whichever means works effective. However, the second option may be stressful since not everyone has a friend or family member residing in Europe. Even though they do, some persons may claim to be too busy which at the end; you will end up wasting your time.

This is the reason why remote search using recruiter portals in Europe is the best option for you.

Luckily you are here as we are one of these Job Recruitment websites you can trust when it comes to delivering worldwide jobs to international applicants.

From below, we have gathered a list of available unskilled jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship and possibly accommodation for foreign applicants.

Available Unskilled Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Applicants

Hotel Jobs

There are tons of hotels in Europe seeking to employ foreign applicants with a free visa sponsorship too. However, it is important to note that most hotel jobs in Europe have common requirement that you must be good with proper usage of English Language at least to an intermediate state.

This simply means that it is not a job offer for non-English speakers. Though, other requirements too are necessary. From below you will find a link to a filtered page revealing available hotel jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship which you can apply for anyone you are qualified for.

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Nanny Jobs

Nannies are needed is all the cities in Europe due to high rate of working-class moms. This is because most moms find it difficult or even impossible to carter for their infants while working on a 9-5PM job.

One interesting fact about this job is that it is a high paying one yet very easy to secure unlike other opportunities in the unskilled category. As someone who is interested in securing a Nanny Job in Europe you can use below link to view available offer published this month and begin sending in your application.

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Security Jobs

Security Jobs are common in every part of the world. From home owners, companies, communities etc are in search of trained security experts to help safeguard their lives and properties. This job offer is large when it comes to total number of employed workers annually in Europe.

However, this job offer isn’t fit for just everyone as it requires a level of discipline, work experience and/or training to secure one. Below, you will find an application link to a filtered search page revealing security jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.

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Sales Agent Jobs

There are stores and companies which are based in Europe and hiring international applicants to work as sales agent in their establishment. As an interested applicant, you can leverage this opportunity as some of the employers in Europe are offering visa sponsorship too.

Use below link to apply for sales agent jobs in Europe with free sponsorship visa for foreigners.

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Factory Workers Jobs

There is always a high need of factory workers is Europe as no amount of workers is enough to service all the manpower need of most companies over there. This bring about the rise at which some of the companies in Europe are offering visa free employment to foreign applicants to live and work in Europe as their workers.

As a job seeker, you can leverage this opportunity as it requires zero level of skill as you will be trained in the course of you work. However, basic understanding in English Language is a necessity.

Use the link below to apply for available job offers at ease.

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Conclusion: Hot in Demand Unskilled Jobs in Europe for Foreigners

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