Unskilled Jobs in Japan for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in Japan for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Seeking for career opportunity to work and live in Japan? We welcome you to this page as you stumbled just on the right page here we will be talking about unskilled jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship.


Basically, there are two kinds of international job offers which include the skilled and unskilled. Skilled jobs refer to jobs whereby applicants need to possess high level of degree and other special academic qualification before they can get employed meanwhile; unskilled jobs are kinds of jobs whereby one can get employed without having any higher degree certificate.

However, the both kind of jobs may require that you possess at least 6 month work experience working in similar field in your home country.

As mentioned earlier, this content will be channeled to unskilled job offers in Japan with free visa sponsorship for foreigners/international applicants.


So let’s get started as we give you a brief on what visa sponsored job in Japan is so as to carry everyone along.

What are Visa Sponsored Unskilled Jobs in Japan?

Visa sponsored jobs in for international applicants with no experience are those types of job offer whereby, the employer/company in Japan offering you an employment to work in Japan will provide some documents to the Japanese immigrations so your visa will be approved.


Once being sponsored on a visa, the Japanese embassy in your country will automatically allow you to travel to Japan since you are going on a work purpose. This means that you won’t have to pass through some financial checks and possess other requirement like others who are traveling for a visit or other purposes.

In addition, your visa as a potential applicant will come with a free resident permit to live in Japan since you are going for work purpose.


Having known what sponsorship visa jobs are in Japan, let’s go further as we talk about some of the top ways to find/discover unskilled job opportunities in Japan with free visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.

How to Find Unskilled Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship

Finding unskilled job offers in Japan with free visa sponsorship can be done through online recruitment portals or via friend/family living in Japan.

In as much as both methods are effective, seeking for employment opportunities while using online recruitment portal still remain the best. This is because everything can be done remotely and you don’t have to entrust your job search in the hands of someone.

Lucky to have you here as you are already using one of the leading Online Recruitment portals since you are reading this now. We promise you’ll find value as we shall be listing out some of the top high paying unskilled jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship for international applicants.

See below for more details on available jobs and application links.

Available Unskilled Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Applicants

Farm Jobs

Japan is one among other Asian countries who are doing good when it comes to agricultural sector as both companies and private individuals are practicing it. This bring about a need to more farm workers as most of these establishment find only but limited manpower to service the need of their business since they are operating on a large scale.

Some of these establishments who are hiring do offer free visa sponsorship, accommodation and meals to foreigners who wish to work in Japan as farm workers.

Now over to you applicants, do you think you have what it takes to work in this category? If yes, then you should tab on below application links to review farm jobs posted lately and apply at ease.

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Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit picking jobs in Japan is more like the Farm job which is mentioned earlier above. However, it is way easier compared to farm jobs as you don’t need to sweat a lot when it comes to fruit picking.

The job description for fruit picking jobs is having the ability to plug out fruits e.g from Apple, Berries and Mango trees etc.

Just like the farm job mentioned earlier, employers in this sector offer free visa employment for foreigners and accommodation too. This means you don’t have to worry about paying house rent while doing this kind of job in Japan. See below for application link.

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Construction Jobs

There are good numbers of construction companies in Japan hiring unskilled workers as laborers. As someone who is interested with unskilled jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship, this surely is a type of job you should apply if you know you are strong and fit for construction work.

Construction workers in the unskilled category are highly paid too. However, the amount which they are being paid hourly depends on work type and location.

Are you interested for this kind of job? Then you should use the link below to send in your applications.

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Driver Jobs

Drivers are needed in major cities in Japan. This includes both private and truck drivers for companies and firms. Do you have an international driver’s license and also possess a high level of work experience as a driver in the past?

Then you should apply for driving jobs in Japan as there are good number of companies who are interested in hiring you with a visa sponsorship trip too.

Use the application link below to view available offers and send in your applications provided you are qualified.

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Chef Jobs

Chefs are needed in major cities in Japan for immediate employment. This is due to high number of foreigners who visit the country for visit, tour or businesses purposes. This then bring about a gap as there are fewer restaurants that have kinds of meal which these foreigners can eat.

This then bring about the need of having foreigners to who are good in meal preparation to come and work in restaurants in Japan for a good pay. In fact, most employers in this sector do offer free visa sponsorship and meals to their employees which is a good offer for someone who is seeking to career opportunity in Japan.

What then are you waiting for? You can review available cooking jobs in Japan below by tapping on the application link.

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Conclusion: Hot in Demand Unskilled Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

Japan Jobs in the unskilled category is one top opportunity foreigners who do not have educational qualification/experience can use in order to secure a high income job in Japan with a resident permit too.

This is surely the reason why we have addressed the topic of top unskilled jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship and possibly, accommodation too. We advise you take action by applying to some of the listed jobs above. Furthermore, you can make further research using above links or better still, get our VIP job offers.

Do you have questions to ask in relation to the just concluded discussion on unskilled jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship for foreigners? Ensure to use the comment section below.