Unskilled Jobs in Russia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in Russia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Unskilled Jobs in Russia with visa sponsorship is the best opportunity for foreigners who are seeking to live and work in Russia with full licenses.

This sure leads us no choice than to deliver this content to help as many job seekers from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America etc as we learn that a lot of people from this countries are seeking for employment opportunity in Russia as unskilled workers.


It is important to know that unskilled jobs in Russia are kinds of career offers whereby, the employee don’t need a high level of degree to apply and possibly get employed. However, this doesn’t mean this kind of jobs don’t require other criteria such as work experience, discipline etc before considering potential employees.

Either ways, we welcome you to this page if you are one of these international job seekers who are looking forward to work and live in Russia with resident permit. This is because we shall be reviewing all you need to know about Russian unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship and how to apply shortly.

Before then, let’s have a common knowledge of what visa sponsored jobs are so as to carry all readers along.

What are Visa Sponsored Unskilled Jobs in Russia?


Free visa sponsorship jobs in the unskilled category are those types of jobs whereby, you don’t need much to possess are higher educational degree in order to be employed.

In addition to this, once you eventually get employed by an Russian employer/company, the employer will send a set of documents needed by the Russian embassy in your country so your visa can be approved at ease.


Visa sponsorship jobs for unskilled doesn’t mean you won’t have to spend money acquiring an international passport as this is a basic requirement for visa approval to travel to Russia.

How to Find Unskilled Jobs in Russia with Visa Sponsorship

Finding unskilled job offers in Russia with free visa sponsorship can be done through online recruitment portals or via friend/family living in Russia.

In as much as both methods are effective, seeking for employment opportunities while using online recruitment portal still remain the best. This is because everything can be done remotely and you don’t have to entrust your job search in the hands of someone.

Lucky to have you here as you are already using one of the leading Online Recruitment portals since you are reading this now. We promise you’ll find value as we shall be listing out some of the top high paying unskilled jobs in Russia with visa sponsorship for international applicants.

See below for more details on available jobs and application links.

Available Unskilled Jobs in Russia with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Applicants

Hotel Jobs

One very common job which is easy to find in Russia for foreign applicants is the hotel job offers. The country Russia receives a good number of tourists from all over the world and they have a good number of hotels to service the need of these foreigners. However, good numbers of hotel workers seem to be the problem here as there are viewer citizens who go for this job in Russia.

Now this is where you come in as someone who is in search for career opportunity to work in Russian hotels as an unskilled worker. Since you are aware of the high rate of need for foreign workers in hotels in Russia to the extent most of the employers are issuing visa sponsored trip, you can send in your applications hoping you get shortlisted.

Below, you will find an application link which will redirect you to a filtered page revealing latest hotel jobs in Russia with free visa sponsorship.

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Delivery Service Jobs

Good numbers of residents in Russia prefer online shopping and purchasing to walking into the market or store. This then leads to the need of stores hiring delivery service agents to help ship products to their customers at home.

This kind of job in Russia doesn’t require any higher educational qualification which makes it fitting for unskilled applicants. However, you must know how to ride a bike or drive a car and lastly, possession of an international driver’s license depending on the job description as stated on the application page.

If you believe you are the best man for this kind of job, then you should check out the application link below to view available delivery agent jobs and ensure to apply only for those you are qualified for.

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Sales Boy/Girl Jobs

Sales representative job is one of the top examples of unskilled jobs available in Russia with free visa sponsorship. However, this kind of jobs may require you have previous work experience working as a sales person in your home country.

In fulfillment of this basic requirement, be rest assured that there are high chances that you will secure a visa free employment to work as a sales representative in any Russian facility.

See below for list of available sales representative jobs which may interest you to apply.

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Company Jobs

Good numbers of company in Russia are in search of non-experienced workers who will work as laborers in their establishment. Do you think you are fit to work in a Company?

If yes, then this is your chance to get a visa sponsored job to work in Russia with resident permit too. See below for available job offers for foreigners and apply to ones you are qualified for.

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Security Jobs

Are you fit to work in Russia as a security expert or personnel? There are good number of security agencies, companies and home owners who are looking forward to hire interested applicants who will offer safety service to their lives and properties.

However, most employers in this category may require you possess work experience in similar field and a guarantor who will be responsible for any misconduct. Below you will find available security jobs in Russia for international applicants with free visa sponsorship and possibly accommodation.

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Conclusion: Hot in Demand Unskilled Jobs in Russia for Foreigners

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From above, we talked about all there is to know in relation to unskilled job opportunities and visa sponsored jobs, how to find these types of job offers and lastly, a list of available hot in demand unskilled jobs in Russia with visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.

With information above, be rest assured to secure your very first high paying job to work in Russia as an unskilled worker with resident permit too.

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