Hotel Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

There are lots of Hotel Jobs in Dubai available for both foreigners and locals too. If you are one of these individuals who are seeking for employment opportunity to work in any of Dubai’s hotel, we are happy to have you here.

This is because we shall be discussing about some of the top available hotel jobs in Dubai for locals and foreigners too. One interesting fact about most of this employment is that some employers do offer free visa employment to foreign applicants.


Visa sponsorship employment means a type of job offer by which the employer will send documents to the government authorities (immigration) so as to aid the approval of your visa. These type of employment comes with a legal resident permit to work in foreign countries (in this case; Dubai, UAE).

So without wasting further ado on the topic under review, let’s look at the general job description for hotel job vacancies in Dubai (UAE) for locals and foreigners with visa sponsorship.

Hotel Job Description

The general hotel job description is that once employed, you will be working in a hotel as a part/full time worker depending on the initial agreement.


Furthermore, once employed, the employee must be willing to give in his very best to the success of the employer’s business by responding positively to his task positively.

Below, you will find the salary scale for most hotel vacancies in Dubai (United Arab Emirate).


Hotel Job Salary Scale in Dubai

The Salary Scale for hotel workers is dependent on hotel capability, employees educational qualification, position held and lastly, previous work experience.

However, administrative staffs such as Manager, Directors (e.g purchasing, sales and marketing) and SPA managers earn at least $30,000 annually.

Other workers such as Receptionist, Night Auditor, Room Attendant, Housekeeper and Chef among others earn at least $12 per hour.

See below for some of the top available vacancies in Dubai Hotels.

Available Hotel Jobs in Dubai (Hot Vacancies to Apply)

Hotel Manager

As a hotel Manager, your duty is to supervise to overall activities in the hotel. These include ensuring all sectors (e.g Administrative, funding, customers and workers) are taken care of by providing needed supplies and approving necessary tickets.

Parking Attendant

It is a duty of a parking attendant to assist customers by parking their vehicles properly in the garage. In most cases, employees in this sector must have a driver’s license to qualify for employment.


Receptionists are front desk managers. Their basic role is to aid customers by booking their reservations and taking orders via phone lines.


As a Porter in a hotel, it’s your primary duty and responsibility to lead customers through the hallway to their respective rooms. In order words, a porter serves as a guide to new customers and is different from room service.


Most Hotels in Dubai, UAE have restaurants where customers can eat. As a server, it’s your duty to respond to customers by delivering meals to their tables or rooms (as the case may be).

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How to Apply

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in Dubai

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