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Nanny Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Nanny Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship (Apply Now): Searching for Nanny Jobs in Canada as a local resident or foreigner living outside the country? It’s sure not a bad idea due to how nannies are being paid on some countries like Ghana, South Africa or even in Nigeria.


Nannies abroad earn a whole lot of cash daily for their time.

In fact, some nannies working abroad in countries like USA, Canada, and Australia etc earns monthly what some corporate workers in African don’t earn monthly.

One typical example of corporate workers that earn little are the entry level class on most government jobs in African countries which include Teachers, Medical Practitioners, Local government workers among others.


This further bring about the rise of women living in African countries to begin searching for a means to live their parent country to a better one in search for a higher paying job.

Nanny Jobs is one of these job opportunities which are high in demand in Canada due to how busy moms over there are with corporate works which pays them even more.

One interesting fact about this nanny jobs which are available in Canada is that; there are little to no-strict educational requirements needed to secure one. However, some other requirements are needed which shall be discussed shortly.


Before we proceed, be rest assure to get all information in relation to securing a high paying nanny jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship from any country in the world (Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa etc.).

Nanny Jobs Description in Canada

The Job descriptions for Nanny Jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship may however, vary across various employers. However, the overall responsibilities or duty of a nanny is to serve as a caregiver to an infant or home at large.


Below, you will find a other roles of a nanny working in Canada.

The following are the job description or job responsibilities for Nanny Jobs in Canada;

  • Taking care of infant
  • Sweeping the floor and maintaining good working environment at all time
  • Feeding infant timely and as at when necessary
  • Changing baby diapers and doing laundry which is usually on daily basis
  • Entertaining kids and infants

Requirements and Eligibility for Nanny Job Applicants in Canada

The following are requirements and edibility needed to be possessed by all those seeking for Nanny Job opportunities in Canada which may come with/without visa sponsorship;

  • CV
  • At least 2 years of experience of child experience
  • Providing a guarantor who is related to you
  • Proficient in basic meal making
  • Conversational in English Language
  • Must have knowledge of First Aid as well as a document proving this.

Nanny Job Salary Scale in Canada per hour

The salary scale for Nanny Jobs in Canada is being calculated per hour spent on duty which usually ranges from $5 to $17 as at June 2023.

Having looked at all the criteria needed for securing a high paying nanny job in Canada, we can now proceed to the long-awaited section of this content where we share with you how to get a good paying nanny job in Canada from any country in the world.

List of Hot Paying Nanny Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

1. Apply for Indeed Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Indeed Nanny Job Recruiter in Canada is one of the leading agency which you can rely on when it comes to securing a high paying nanny job offers published in all cities and province of Canada.

On their platform, searchers can discover and find good home care taker and nanny jobs which are usually published in hundreds weekly. There are possible high chances that you can secure a nanny job paying at least $15 hourly using their job search portal.

Do you need further convincing? I should be asking for a direct link to access some of these nanny job offers in Canada which sometimes come with a free visa sponsorship if I were you.

Anyways, we are certain you are already interested in checking some of these nanny job offers from cities like Toronto, Alberto, Ontario etc in Canada.

Without any further hassle, you can access the Canadian Nanny Job Recruitment Portal as provided by Indeed Recruiter below.

2. Apply for AU Pair Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

AU Pair is not a small brand most especially if you are someone who regularly searches for international job offers in different fields.

This recruiter AU Pair are a reliable job search or recruitment website which you can rely on when it comes to securing a high paying job offers in countries like Canada, Australia, UK among others.

They are as well a big name in Canada as they publish lots of job offers available from all the cities in Canada one of which is nanny jobs. On their portal, you will find nanny jobs based on your preferred city at ease.

You can make use of the link below to directly open their nanny job search portal, select your city and view available nanny jobs in Canada with free visa sponsorship for foreigners.

3. CanadianNanny Jobs with Sponsorship

CanadianNanny Job Recruiter is a leading plug for securing high income per hour nanny jobs in all cities and regions in Canada.

As an aspiring nanny, you can as well view and secure lots of nanny job offers with visa sponsorship across many cities in Canada. This simply means that you can apply for Nanny Job from any country and get free sponsorship till you get to Canada.

All that is required is making the right search to find families in Canada who are in search on nannies they can entrust the safety of their kids with.

We provide a direct link to help you get a free sponsorship nanny jobs using Recruiter below.

Conclusion: Getting a High Paying Nanny Job Offer in Canada

Hey there, hope you find value having read through the information on this page. We delivered just as promised by unveiling some of the top available nanny jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

We strongly advice you take all necessary steps by sending in your CV and cover letter to the appropriate recruiter while making use of the “application links” on this page. You can also reach out to us via our service page for Resume writing/editing so it will fit the type of job you are applying for.

Nanny Jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship is a good way to travel and live legally in Canada with work access permit. So what are you waiting for? Proceed as planned by applying for available opportunities abroad which won’t need a university/college degree as a requirement for employment.

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