Hotel Jobs in Qatar with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

There are lots of Hotel Jobs in Qatar which you can apply for employment and possibly gets noticed with an offer for employment. What really matters is how good you are in making these research and how you present yourself to your potential employer.

On this page, we shall be looking at some of the top available hotel vacancies in Qatar for locals and foreigners living outside the country. It will also interest you to know that some of these employers do offer free visa sponsorship to qualified applicants living outside Qatar.


This simply means you can apply for employment in some of these hotels irrespective of your location as there will be a free visa sponsorship for you. Free visa sponsorship means that your employer will provide necessary documents to the government officials (immigration) so they know the purpose of your visit in Qatar is strictly for job purpose.

Furthermore, you will have a legal resident permit as you are a working citizen of the country.

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See below for the general hotel job description for individuals who are seeking to work in hospitality field in Qatar.


Hotel Job Description

Hotel Job description in Qatar entails that your duties will be carried out within the hotel premises in accordance to your employment role or position.

All employed staffs have different roles and responsibilities which is solely dependent on position they are being employed to manage e.g Manager or Chef etc.

Hotel Job Salary Scale in Qatar

The salary of hotel workers in Qatar is usually calculated on numbers of hours spent at work. The amount rate workers earn per hour depends on the capability of the hotel.

However, majority of hotel workers in Qatar earn an average of $20 per hour and can work for up to 13 hours daily.

Hot Vacancies Available Hotel Jobs in Qatar

Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, it’s your duty to oversee all activities which are being carried out in all departments in the hotel. This includes sales and marketing, welfare of staffs, ensuring the smooth running of the hotel business.

Director of Purchasing

As a Purchasing Manager in any of Qatar hotel, it’s your duty and responsibility to ensure all necessities in the hotel are being provided as at when due. This may include furniture, taking kitchen orders among others.

Housekeeping Manager

As a housekeeping manager in one of Qatar fines hotels, it’s your duty to assign duties and roles to all employed housekeepers. This includes setting up a schedule table for each worker, record keeping and ensuring all housekeepers are doing performing their duties adequately.


Receptionist’s duty or responsibility in a hotel is to take customers bookings, assigning them to their rooms and ensure they enjoy their stay while in the hotel.


It is a Porter’s responsibility to walk customers from the walkway to their room. In most cases, you will be required to pack customer’s luggage if any as that will make them rate the hotel’s overall service.

How to Apply

Looking forward to work in Qatar hotels after viewing some of the available vacancies above? There are even more which you can find by using the below application link which will take you to a filtered page listing a lot of employment opportunities.

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in Qatar

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From above, we talked about job description for hotel jobs in general, salary scale by day and lastly, top hotel vacancies in Qatar to apply for employment. Not forgetting we also, talked about how to apply for hotel job opportunities in Qatar.

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