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Hotel Jobs in Russia with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Hotel Jobs in Russia is one among hundreds of other job opportunities available in Russia. This is due to the high numbers of hotels available and more which are being created in recent times. Are you a job seeker residing in Russia or even outside the country? You can option for a hotel job opportunities as its one of the easiest to secure employment in Russia.


There are over 5,000 hospitality and hotel job vacancies published in Russia monthly. As someone searching for employment in a hotel, you can leverage this opportunity by applying to as many opportunities as you can get your hands on (provided you meet the requirements).

It will also interest you to know that some of these hotel employers are ready to sponsor your visa to Russia most especially if you are a foreigner living outside the country. This means your current location won’t be a problem at all as your flight papers will be approved at ease without much struggle.

See below for Russian hotel job description as this will educate you more on what the job is all about.


Hotel Job Description

Russian hotel Job description entails that you will be employed and your services will be in accordance to the job you are hired for.

Furthermore, all your activities should be aimed at ensuring your employer’s business progresses. This has to do with you doing all it takes within your capacity to ensure customers enjoy their stay while in the hotel you are hired to work.

Hotel Job Salary Scale in Russia

The Salary which you can earn in Russia as a hotel worker depends on the position you occupy and the hotel capacity.


However, most administrative workers in Russian hotels earn from $25/per hour while low ranking workers earn from $15 per hour.

Available Hotel Jobs in Russia – Apply Now

Assistant Hotel Manager

Assistant hotel manager jobs are one of the top available vacancies you can apply for in Russian hotels. As an assistant hotel manager in Russia, it’s your responsibility to take information about the hotel business from all other departments and send to the Manager. Most times, you will be responsible for making certain decision in accordance to your capacity.


SPA Manager

Spa manager is one key role in the hotel business. As a SPA manager, it’s your responsibility to regulate all the activities within the SPA department of the hotel. This include scheduling shift for all workers in your department, accessing their welfare, record keeping and so much more.

Director of Marketing

Marketing is all about promotion of a product/service to a wider reach. As a director of marketing in any Russian hotel, it is your responsibility to promote the hotel business to a wider audience with the means of various channels e.g multimedia or print/non print channels.


Host/hostess are responsible for assigning seats to customers who visit the hotel’s restaurant section. They are also responsible for taking customers order by issuing them menus and taking it to the kitchen for processing.


As a Bartender working in a hotel, it’s your responsibility to mix and provide wines to customers who visit the bar table.

How to Apply

Are you interested in applying for any of the listed hotel job opportunity listed above and even more? You can easily do this by tapping on the application link below.

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Conclusion: How to Get a High Income Hotel Job in Russia

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